Ancient sages said that poems express one’s aspirations and learning. Therefore, poems are reflections of one’s moral character and depth of knowledge. The museum exhibits a collection of poems composed by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III.



Two or three strokes make a tree

Lone Blossoms on four or five branches

The eye is intoxicated by fresh purity

Splashed ink nourishes divine inspiration
















Modern Poetry

            Flowers Bloom in Serenity

Plum blossoms

Brush inspiration




It’s not the strokes and ink of the artist,

nor yet the added words of the calligrapher

that make literary brilliance

radiate from the perfection of the scroll.

It is filled with profound learning and mystery,

this lofty, ancient, refined, strong truth,

is a forceful and fundamental proclamation.

It’s like the library of a famous scholar

or the stand of some antique curio.


So that’s the way it is,

then, without doubt

it looks like freedom

No ­

You’ve mistakenly put a crown of laurels on it

You should drop all your conjectures,

for this contains no dust of the common world,

No ­

that’s putting it a bit awkwardly,

it’s a mood of serenity.

No ­

Serenity has no mood,

it is the cause underlying all beings,

it is the bloom of a natural serenity,


it’s flowers blooming in serenity.