Outstanding contributions to Arts, Medicine, Ethics, Buddhism, and Spiritual leadership and to American society.”

~ Presidential Gold Award given by President George W. Bush, 2002


“H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III is recognized by the World Peace Prize Awarding Council for his selfless devotion to a wide scope of healing and rescue-relief activities directed at people throughout the world.  His wisdom and benevolence embrace all races, ethnicity, cultures, and religions, bringing kindness, peace, and equality to all. Wherever He goes, His Holiness brings unity among people through His own humility and compassion.  His Holiness’s life-long contributions to humanity are living examples of the benevolent spirit of Buddha, setting a model of humanitarian practices for all to emulate. His Holiness’s noble character is manifested through His teachings, healing, art, and philanthropy, leading people from all over the world to walk the path of high virtue and charity. His Holiness’s thoughts and accomplishments have become spiritual and cultural assets of all mankind.”

~ World Peace Prize Top Honor Prize given by the World Peace Prize Awarding Council, 2011


“The vast number of accomplishments H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III has amassed in his lifetime have helped to strengthen the foundation of a peaceful society in not only His Holiness’s region of the world but in our own community as well.”

~ Vincent C. Gray, Mayor of Washington D.C., proclamation designating January 19, 2011, as “H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Day.”


“His Holiness is an individual of extraordinary talents and accomplishments who is honored worldwide both for his spiritual leadership, as well as for his remarkable artistic and humanitarian achievements. He is a teacher for peace, equality, and spiritual liberation. Through his teachings and his art, His Holiness has worked tirelessly to spread the universal principles of morality and civilization, which include compassion towards others, selflessness, and continual striving for enlightenment and liberation.”

~ The Lantos Foundation of Human Rights and Justice, January 21, 2011