The museum is looking for volunteers. Below is the detailed job description of volunteers.



1. Tuesday through Saturday, two shifts:
– Morning shift: report to work at 9:30AM; finish at 1:30PM (4 hours);
– Afternoon shift: report to work at 1PM, leave at 5:00PM (4 hours)
2. Sunday, morning shift only: report to work at 9AM, finish at 12PM (3 hours)


Volunteer Duties

1.Courteously greet coming visitors at the door;
2.When asked, provide museum’s interior directions and guide visitors to the exhibition halls, restrooms, and shops;
3.Watch and make sure customers do not bring in food or beverages;
4.Help with handicapped and people with walking difficulties when taking the stairs;
5.Watch for visitor’s safety and communicate with the office through two-way radio devices;
6.Make sure to turn on lights in the room when there are visitors and turn off lights when no visitors are present;
7.Make sure visitors do not touch, scratch, or graffiti the art work on display


Volunteers Positions

There are three posts downstairs and two upstairs requiring volunteers to stand guard:
1. Downstairs at lobby area;
2. The main room downstairs;
3. The medium-size room downstairs;
4. Upstairs hallway;
5. The main hall upstairs.


Dress Code

– Male volunteers should dress formally (white dress shirt, dark-color dress pants, tie, and leather shoes). A dark-color suit is required in the winter months (October through March).
-Female volunteers should wear formally (business outfit, blouse with dark-color skirt/pants or dark-color dress and dress shoes). No high heels are allowed.


Volunteer Qualifications

All volunteers need to complete and submit the attached volunteer information sheet to the office. The office will arrange for an interview and make decision.
Volunteers need to be able to speak English fluently and commit to the full hours of a shift.
The museum does not discriminate against race, gender, or age.




Contact the museum by email: 

or by phone: 626-281-6378