The 2018 bookmark design contest that is held by the H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Cultural and Art Museum in tandem with the Library of the City of Covina, CA (City of Covina Parks and Recreation Library Services Division), had its results announced in a grand award ceremony held at the museum on Saturday, September 22, 2018. Many local dignitaries, including West Covina City Mayer Lloyd Johnson, Councilwoman Mary Su of City of Walnut, representatives of the Covina Police Department, Covina City Library and Charter Oak School District Board, people of the art circle, and parents from the various school districts attended this gala event.

This bookmark design contest is held for the students who are currently in school. There are four groups, and the top three winners of each group are (in the order of position): Melanie Zhang, Allison Zhao Gao, Stella Min Fang for grades 1 and 2; PengYu Wang, Ella Chan, Emma Chen for grades 3 and 4; Irene Yitian Xue, Shizhen Jin (Andy), Chang Li for grades 5 and 6 and Ashley Pei, Jason Liu, Alexis Gu for the middle and high schools group.

The judges of this contest are all prestigious and senior artists in the US, including Min Pan, a Hollywood film producer and visual effect art director and Jim Barry, an art director of the performing art department at Caltech. Over 200 pieces of art are collected from 37 cities in the LA and Orange Counties and they show the enthusiasm of the community. From the artworks submitted for the contest, one can see that the students have an outstanding level overall, and they are full of imagination and creativity.

The theme of this bookmark contest is “Reading takes you everywhere”. That is, through reading, students’ creativities can be inspired, their talents can blossom, and their future can develop into boundless possibilities. The 2018 City of Covina Bookmark Contest hopes to not only enhance children’s interest in reading, but also broaden their horizons on world’s cultures and history, raise their moral characters and become great citizens who can make contributions to their families, the societies and the country.

After the award ceremony, all the students’ beautiful bookmark designs will be displayed on the second floor at H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Cultural and Art Museum. The exhibition will be held from September 22 to October 7, 2018 and is free of charge. All is welcomed to visit it.